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Cristina Perneta is a sensitive artist, attentive to the small things that surround us and she transforms these essences of the soul in masterpieces that tentatively suggest alternative worlds, other life experiences.

You have three components that recur in your work, light, land and water. Why are so important these elements?

Cristina Perneta: Yes it is true, is one way to find this peace. I identify with that kind of energy, of that empathy.

Generally you end up addressing the nature and with different artistic media.

CP: It has to do with my way of being. What do I look? It's what I do in my day to day, whether in painting, drawing, what I like to create.

One of your exhibitions addresses the laurel forest, why you have chosen this topic?

CP: It's something that fascinates me for what is behind the topic itself. Nature. Feel that part as a whole. Basically we are all one. This connection turns out to create this network with people. Nature moves this harmony, this peace.

The show ground, air and fire are another approach of the same subject. In this there is a strong multimedia view ally with other aspects of art.

CP: That was an experience between what I do and the elements that nature has created, taking into account our direction. Leave this do to nature, for example, the sun is a destroyer, but at the same time is a creator. The water itself also falls into this dynamic. Then I rehearsed the various senses, touch, smell, etc... I used the basic elements such as light, to create a texture and color change in the object itself.

Which of the various processes is what you like best to manipulate?

CP: It comes naturally. There are ideas that drive me to a certain way and translate into painting or drawing. Sometimes none of them can convey what I feel and it ends up appearing in the form of installation, or otherwise creates. It has a lot to do with what is within us. Then you'll be heading.

What inspires you?

CP: Life! The simplicity of the free things it's a little luxury. What is always present, but easily passes you by. Gestures. An attitude. A sound.

For the utilities collection you created jewelry, what attracted you?

CP: It was a theme that I have been developing for quite some time and the objective was to be a utility so these jewels are inspired by mandalas. These are paintings that depart from a central focus always. Then they expanded and keep repeating. It's almost like a meditation. These mandalas are a way to talk to the inner self.

What are you now developing?

CP: Temporary Tattoos. Arose by chance and I started doing it. It's funny because it is a way to create a drawing on the skin. A message. People come to me for that. I am present in events related to handicrafts, the arts.

You create the design or the people choose?

CP: People choose topics and I create from that. Others prefer my already predefined drawings. Others still, not all, ask for a free drawing. It is a form of trust. It's nice to have that freedom to create.

How did you arrive to this?

CP: I was unaware of the henna. When I discovered it, I found it very interesting and all the significance behind the messages. I started doing about three years ago.


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