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It is the second oldest city in our country.

Strolling through the city of Penafiel we are confronted it memory made by granite that marks all the monuments of the city. That accompanies us through the alleys and streets. It is the sign of an ancient land, which was ruled by the Roman Empire, which deserves a visit through the Romanic route. Also of the ecclesiastical landlords who immortalized his existence with monuments that focused on prayer, the temple of Boelhe is such a beautiful and austere example and the homes of medieval nobles that dominated the agricultural landscape. The erosion of time, little or no marks left, since we can enjoy all these signs of civilization to some extent throughout the city and beyond. But, the modern is also here, under the aegis of new buildings and new architectural interventions in the fabric of the city, in the case of transformation of pedestrian access. Under the motto, we will make history in the historic district; the city council is slowly turning the sidewalks in areas accessible to persons with physical disabilities, so that the city can be also theirs, without disturbing its granite feature. Another of the curiosities is the "papa chiclas" is a deposit for chewing gum that annoy the soles of our shoes and is used by local people as I saw it. Penafiel is one of the cleanest cities of Portugal.

Another characteristic of the city is its patent rurality that is glimpsed in every corner. The animals still roam the city streets; one can see numerous parked tractors and glimpsed between buildings recesses of the vineyards of fortified wine swarming the green landscape. In mid-November, after the harvest, in the feast of St. Martin, this new nectar of the gods is drinked accompanied by pies and roasted chestnuts. Thousands flocked the streets and celebrate the end of one more agricultural cycle. The city park is another green note that beautifies the metropolis. It is an area that covers a wide range of leisure infrastructure. It is a project that is still unfinished, but that has become a lounge area for the citizens of Penafiel.

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