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Apocalypse nau acording to Rui Zink

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This book tells the story of an ordinary family, before the imminence of Armageddon. A portrait of marital life, their disillusionment with a certain cruelty and irony to the mix. It is the experience of the not so holy family described by the author.

Was the book based in the end of the eminent end of the world caused by the computer virus of 2000?
Rui Zink: Yes, if there was a gender would be the book of the millennium. He was there at least five hundred years ago. And suddenly we're at the end of the millennium, which has a large imaginary force, the book falls to the level of the shell in a subgenre of books about the threat of the millennium, appealing to the back of this phenomenon and I am sure there were about three thousand products worldwide, including records, films and books. This is another one. The difference is there in terms of the way, how to take advantage of this trick, this little gadget.

Death worries you? You talk a lot about this on the book.
I do not know if death haunts me, it's the end of the story that will happen and we all know that. Throughout our lives we have different perceptions of death. In our chilhood we imagine death is a bogeyman that is there. When you're a teenager or you're invincible, or write a lot about death. The young writers use death a lot in their books. When we do not know what to do we kill the character. And I think that is what God does with people, when he doesn't now what do, he kills them. But death for a writer is the easiest solution when you do not know what to do. I like seeing my characters live. My relationship with death is healthy, I'm afraid for others. I am more afraid that happen to others than me. It is a strange thing, we know it exists, we know the rules of the game, but when our turn comes we want to change the items of the contract. This I find interesting. I am now entering the age where I start to get closer to death than birth.

And you face it calmly?
I've liked to be younger (laughs). It is very unpleasant for me to know that in 10 years I have sixty years. And five more, sixty-five. People often tell you do not look your age, you look younger. But the truth is that we have more this notion that a person can stretch up a few more years with health, but from that point on we are to others in the category of old. Even if we are old and feel young. The risks of mental illness are already large. And even at my age, that is, this year I'll be fifty, I began to realizae that I'm going more to funerals than weddings and starts to be trivial to be informed that friends or relatives are sick or with cancer, or with this or that. It is trivial to have friends who die. And it's very strange to realize that the teenager with leukemia is a tragedy, but a man of 50 years to discover it is a bummer. There is a change.

Speaking of the characters in the book, it seems to me that despite all the characters use language in a very assertive way, George is the one with more of you?
I think everyone. The writer is the father of all the characters. It takes the author to cut a little of your blood to feed all the characters. If you do not take the blood seems hollow. This is like a play, this text happens within a few hours. Is pass almost all in a confined space that is home to the couple, is a kind of holy family. Jorge is the character with whom I sympathize more, because it is the loser. When I set that Victor is an annoying person, the guy with success, I am also spraying it, only to project the anger that I should cause some people. The guy with the smooth live, lots of travel, life is easy, money, fame and women. And therefore, I have a trick for most of my books is that the person that I am is usually the bad guy is that where readers never look for the author. In this case, the bad guy is despicable and Jorge is friendly, not only because he's more that we follow, as is also the victim. He's very interesting, but yvette you have to ask me, but where did get the model for this victim?
Rui Zink, where did get the model for this victim?
The model for this family is the Holy Family ...

It held that title before Apocalypse Nau?
I placed that hypothesis to myself. The inspiration was the last supper, that if you look good, we can see that Helen is a mix of Mary Magdalene and Mary, who is a mother and a wife. She is neither faithfull, because she deceives the Jorge with her ex-husband and aldo she doesn't goes to bed with Victor, we see that she respects him more than Jorge, which is the annoying husband. I saw it happen, in a woman is very annoying and sometimes women do it unconsciously, demote their husband and express admiration for others. Ah, if you were more like him. And you want a drink, Jorge? No, he can not drink, it makes him ill, he hasn't your phisical complexion. Women have such cruelty especially married women. And Victor is a kind of Holy Spirit and Jorge is a St. Joseph, a model for all horns meek of the world. Let's have a son, but he is not yours and you'll take care it as yours. And St. Joseph says okay. And there's a dove, a holy spirit, is a ghost.
And God is the master of the story?
I think he may be God or the devil, or the person you are writing the life.

It is because he fools everybody anyway.
But I think this is the joke. We walk in this life to be deceived. This is the difference between literary discourse and the discourse of everyday life. I use the same words in everyday life, except that in the book I express different things. In everyday life, we say, hey I do not walk here to see the others. The pleasure of reading is to walk around to see the others. And then we say in everyday life, I came here not to be fooled. And when the readers read books they want to be deceived. The person who is born, when he accepted the contract to be alive, he is here to be deceived. What I think I'd rather be fooled by the master, by God, or devil, than by an engineer, or a pickpocket anyone. I want to be deceived by the forces of life. And, to be deceived when? When I say I will not fall in love and I love me more. Life is a fluke and interpret my life as a disgrace, never anything good happens to me, nor I won the lottery. The joy of life is the disappointment, the succession of bad disappointments. And people regreat not having the end of the world they had dreamed off, but first in my books, a person rarely dies. Since my first book, the Hotel Lusitano, 25 years ago, I promise violence, but then never delivered. What I promise is a fulfilling journey, a roller coaster. What I do not promise that in the roller coaster there is an explosion.
In this book, the son may be Jesus. Peter is a child who has a difficulty. Sofia, the nurse may be a young follower Mary Magdalene butr without malice. The mother is the mix that I talked about, is the woman who dominates. Jorge is the man passed over, as St. Joseph, who is not chosen. The man who is not the subject of love. Years ago I had a shocking experience, I met a fan who said, go get a beer for this man. And when he went fetch the drink, she throws herself to me and I was shocked, because my sympathy was all for it. And then I ended up using that in the story here. Shocked me a little, and I'm not against adultery, I think that's part of life, but it implies respect. (Laughs). At least when I cheat my wife I do it with great respect and affection for her, and hopefully when she cheats on me she does the same. The idea of ​​a woman cheating on her husband is to appear in high spirits at home. Is worth it if she goes home, more friendly and pleasant, I have nothing against. Life is shot.

The language in this book is very colloquial, closer to young people, is it onpurpose?
My teachers, the ones I like are the ones who can say complicated things simply. I like What Calvino does. I like Jose Gomes Ferreira who also does this. I love the idea of ​​getting to communicate complex ideas and difficult ones, even common sense, communicate them in simple language as possible. Of course liked the book to reach the young, but when I wrote this book I was 35 and was closer to the youth and now I am no longer.

With 50 years will you write this book differently?
Could hardly write because the books are the result of the palatability of the moment. But do not think I would write it differently, I left it as is.
But the writers sometimes with a certain distance they look at their work and can improve it.
Yes, I do it. Every year I usually reissue my books. Now, I did it the Hotel Lusitano, but I did not change a book I wrote at age 25, fix little things. In terms of language I try to do a little rendition of the text, try to get better, but give up the ideas, that I do not change. If I were to rewrite this book, I wrote another. But I like how it is. The ideas are those that I wanted to put at that time and therefore nothing further to add, no preface, no more chapters. I like the structure of theatrical space. Kind of igloo in a closed space with a maximum six characters moving compactly. And then there is the football announcer, he's a devil who talks about the small daily dramas and makes it like a football game. And the gadget here was that the world would end because the narrator said that, the reader might still feel that because we were four years of this event. It is clear that people know now that the world has not ended. But on the other hand, the world ends every day for everybody. Maybe if I reissue his book I did not put the date of 1999, but 2020 to help the buzz. Or 2012, they now say that is when the world ends. The interesting thing about this book, this trick off the end of the world, is that nothing is going on, my art, my effort here is to keep interested for 200 pages the reader only with language, because what happens are scenes of daily life , the banal. It is scenes of marital life, citing a title of Igmar Bergman. There is no more commonplace than this. The father who covets son's girlfriend, because Jorge is vaguely in love with her. It is a very common-place applicant on various stories, sometimes it's a mess, he really steals his son's girlfriend . What I also like this book are the conversations that are serious, hard and heavy and the narrator is humorous. The bittersweet end. The sweetness of the comic narrator who is a devil, but ultimately you sympathize with him and the hardness of the relationship of the characters

What were you doing on December the 31th, 1999?
Good question, if you ask me what was I doing on April 25th, 1974? I know how to answer. I do not remember. I do not even have a clue (laughs).
But you were sure them that the world would not end?
I had "inside information" from my spies that the world would not end, it was just smoke. What they told me is that the world does not end in 2000, but that the IMF was here in 2011. There is no turning back. Do not come to an end, but comes the International Monetary Fund

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